June 13, 2019

10 Fun Summer Events Ideas Anyone Can Do!

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10 Fun Summer Events Ideas Anyone Can Do!

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Summer!!! A time to relax from a hectic Winter and full-allergened Spring. Whether out by the beach; chilling outside on the patio; or sunbathing at the pool, Summer is when everyone and everything that goes on GOES ON. It’s known for jam-packed schedules and busy times among those that do weddings or venues that do events (specifically even more so if you have space outside). So here are a few great event ideas to get you prepared for a Summer start to remember.   


Who doesn’t love pineapple, sno-cones and some good Tikis???

Big, tropical flowers, DIY foliage, and all things tiki are in order for this one. Turning your backyard into an island with a luau summer party event is the perfect way to get people in the mood. Luau parties get everyone in costume — where they can relax about worrying about their outfit (LESS IS MORE, PEOPLE). As with all outfit participant parties make sure to set up a photobooth where people can take pictures casually and remember your party was the dopest. Grass skirts, tropical flowers, fruity cocktails, and palm trees are just a few things you can incorporate to make your guests feel like they’re on an island adventure. Also don’t forget to serve up tasty foods like pineapple, lechon (ask your Filipino friends), and plantains.

Check out one of the island-themed parties that we threw here


Circus! Games! Corn dogs! Elote!

Few event themes are more interesting than a carnival for summer, don’t you agree? Rent out large tents or set-up in your backyard with fair elements making sure to set up a main area and side areas for games. Popular games at a carnival themed party often include photo booth stations, trapeze performers, ring toss, ping pong toss, dart balloons, dunk tanks and ‘guess how many’ candy games. Include classic carnival treats such as cotton candy, popcorn, churros, snow cones and, of course, funnel cake to get your guests fully engaged to have a good time.

Don’t forget the face paint station, the temporary tattoos, and a corn dog bar for attendees.

Glow Up under the Sun

Light-up elements can add visual interest and really set the mood for just about any indoor or outdoor event. These elements attract so much attention that you can get away with scaling back your decor elsewhere (not that you’ll want to).They’ve always been some of the hottest decor in outdoor event trends right now. Check out your local Target for some cool lights. Use them to draw attention to specific areas, create killer dance parties, and for ethereal lighting for elevated dining or installments.

Summer Speakeasy/Beer Tasting

Ale? Lager? Cider? ALL OF THE ABOVE

Beer tasting parties are excellent ways to catch up with friends and neighbors. Here you can bring a prohibition-era staple to life and recreate the glitz & glam of the roaring ‘20s. Take advantage of the resurgence as a creative event theme. We’ve helped with a few speakeasy events all over the Bay Area!!Link!! Rustic wood decor, studded leather couches, and awesome bearded attendants will give it that ‘20s feel and you’ll be off to the races in this event.

To really go the extra mile, have bartenders dress up in vests and suspenders and get their Gatsby on.

Scavenger Hunt

Hidden treasure and a map of the location? I’m game.

One of the most social activities and easiest icebreakers, these have been used for ages. It’s simple for larger, corporate events to incorporate as just one of the many activities they offer for good for team-building and networking events. If you don’t have the space in your venue, it doesn’t matter!! Spread your scavenger hunt throughout the city, you’ll get attendees stretching their social muscles and their legs simultaneously.

Don’t forget to announce the winner!!

Drive-in Movie

Popcorn. Butter. York. Coke. We’re set.

A great way to bring everyone together while still allowing them their own space, a drive-in screening of a movie is perfect summer fun. Your attendees are less likely to feel restless if they’re not trapped indoors and that means they’ll be more likely to chat and socialize to the fullest. Don’t forget that at most screenings, you can order from a server who’ll come up to your car and deliver to your car as well. We know specifically in the Bay Area there’s usually a few places that do free annual screenings live during certain weekends. Click below to check them out!

Do The Bay

Summer Outdoor Movies

West Wind Digital Drive In

Beach/Pool Party/Underwater

Waves. Summer EDM. Cowabunga, gnarly dude.

Bring the beach to your backyard or throw a party at the beach with a fun pool party theme. If you’re throwing a beach-themed party at your house, be sure to stock up on rustic beach signs, linens, outdoor pillows, glassware, and make sure they match. This theme is usually characterized by sand, seashells, striped décor, beach chairs and seafood. Wanna go and be a little extra? Go underwater!!!! Some smart blue lighting, blue and white decor, and props like coral, starfish, and seashells can set the right mood. Then queue an ethereal playlist and put everyone in the snorkel spirit!


Summer Campout

Three words. Smores, bonfires, and beer.

Perfect for nighttime events, all you need is a few campfires and props like pine trees and tents. Plants, bear-themed décor, wood signage, s’mores and a campfire will help transform any backyard or park set-up into the perfect camp getaway. Encourage party guests to wear camping inspired apparel and provide throw blankets. Don’t worry — no sleepover required to create an awesome campout theme. Serve drinks in tin camping mugs and set up campground benches for some authentic seating.

Don’t forget the lanterns!

Ice Dessert Social

Rocky road! Mint chip! Cookies and cream!

Us here at Chroma Photobooth like to think of ourselves as ice cream connoisseurs. From sorbet to gelato to froyo to the old fashioned stuff, ice cream and ice desserts definitely are a way we know to bring people together. Setting up an ice dessert bar for attendees to create their own ice masterpieces is a great way to keep it cool. Put out shaved ice, condensed milk, and syrup for sno-cones; grab mochi and gummies for froyo; and lay out the ice plate for those foodies out there to attempt ice cream rolls and you got yourself a great party!

Hold a contest for best photobooth ice cream picture!

Bold Fashion/Boho Party

Looking to throw a sleek summer celebration with delicious drinks and Instagrammable perfect decor? Summer calls for color! What better stylish look than a Boho summer extravaganza!! Think thick, chic rugs and wicker chairs or throw pillows and blankets. Throw up a backdrop of animal and/or flower prints with lots of succulents abounding and watch the photos fly. Don’t be afraid to get creative with the celebration while drawing out inspiration from that sweet summer energy and big, beautiful flowers.



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