May 14, 2020

How We Are Working Through COVID-19

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How We Are Working Through COVID-19

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Chroma Photobooth Keep Calm and Stay Positive

#1 Keep Calm & Focus On The Positive

Staying positive and healthy is one of the best things that you can do for yourself during this stressful time. Meditation and exercise are a few ways that you can keep your stress levels down. Keeping digitally connected with friends and family can also make all of us feel like we are in this together.

Here are some of our favorite apps to lower stress levels:

#2 Practice Social Distancing To Protect Yourself & Others

Chroma Photobooth Social Distancing

Experts are recommending two simple things that we all can do at this time: practice social distancing and maintain strict hygiene to prevent the accidental transmission of the virus. We are doing our part by canceling all event operations to help reduce the spread and taking measures to protect our team – especially by enforcing strict handwashing and a safe 6’ distance from one another. Here’s a helpful guide on how to keep your home clean to avoid spreading germs: Healthy Home Guide

#3 Keep Shared Surfaces Sanitized

Chroma Photobooth - Keep It Clean

When you have to go out in public, it’s important to remain vigilant about practicing strict hygiene. Wearing gloves seems like the easiest option, but they can be ineffective if you don’t take them off after each activity. Instead, carry wipes around with you and wipe down everything before and after you use it. Consider using contactless ways to pay for your items like Apple Pay and credit cards so you don’t have to use cash. Phones and paper money are some of the dirtiest items that you can touch throughout the day – make sure you wipe down your phone and electronic devices as often as you can. 

Our photobooth is typically a hands-free experience, thanks to the help of our photobooth attendants. However, during these times we have increased sanitization procedures of the booths before, during, and after your event. Our digital booth now has the ability to add in digital props to avoid passing around props between guests. 

#4 Support Small/Local Businesses: They Need Our Help

Chroma Photobooth - Support Small Businesses

Small/local businesses will be hit the hardest during this time because they don’t have the financial resources that larger corporations have as a safety net. Small/local businesses are run by friends, family, and citizens who are trying to add value to the local community. You can support them by ordering their products or reaching out about how they are working around current restrictions. Many stores are offering some form of delivery or the ability to order via phone/online and pick up the items outside of the store. Most local restaurants are still offering delivery and will benefit greatly if you can order takeout as often as possible. Delivery apps like DoorDash and UberEats are offering $0 delivery fees for all local businesses, just make sure to be mindful of minimum order fees and other stipulations. 

We also suggest supporting your favorite local coffee shop by buying their coffee beans (we love Devout Coffee from Fremont, CA and buying a facial kit from your local spa-like Dermaplus Skin + Body. If you would like to be featured here, please shoot us an email to get added!

List all small/local businesses with deals + offerings here. 

#5 The Future of Chroma Photobooth 

We are one of the small/local businesses that we mentioned above and would appreciate any support that our community is able to give us. Until things are back to normal, we are brainstorming ideas to work around the current restrictions – including the possibility of adding a virtual booth that is browser-based for brands and remote teams planning virtual events, conferences, and more! We are also offering gift cards for future events with no expiration date and discounted booth packages, which can be found at

While there is much uncertainty at this time, one thing is clear – we must do everything we can to support our communities and loved ones. Social distancing and practicing clean hygiene (like wash your hands) are proving to be effective in areas that have been hit the hardest. Finally, stay mindful of others and realize that you have the power to save lives.

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