March 12, 2021

Chroma Photobooth Goes Virtual

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Chroma Photobooth Goes Virtual

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Chroma Photobooth Goes Virtual

Chroma Photobooth Virtual Booth.png

Chroma Photobooth is thrilled to announce our Virtual Booth! We have adapted and overcome the obstacles that 2020 threw everyone’s way in order to give our customers the best photobooth experience possible. Read more about how we are still providing the best photobooth experience possible to our customers, friends and family.

What is this new Virtual Booth?

The Virtual Booth is a digital experience of our standalone photobooths. Customers will use their own devices to enter the booth from a browser – no app download required, just a connection to Wi-Fi or cellular data.

Our vision for this Virtual Booth is to provide a global, mobile experience that doesn’t limit you to attending an event with our traditional photobooth. However, you can also add on a Virtual Booth to an event with the traditional photobooth if you’d like all of your guests to have access to a booth without the wait! The variety of both a Virtual Booth and a traditional photobooth allows guests more opportunities to interact. However, with pandemic restrictions, the Virtual Booth is a sure-fire way to stay socially distanced while keeping the party going.

What are the Virtual Booth’s features?


AI Background Removal

AI Background Removal

Guests get to choose a spot with the best lighting for their photos. Our Virtual Booth AI removes their background and allows the guest to choose from a variety of custom backgrounds, just like our traditional booth backdrops. Guests can add custom stickers or text to their photos. The client can customize the gallery page to match the event’s theme and keep consistent branding throughout the Virtual Booth experience.

In addition to Still photos, GIFs and Bursts (Boomerangs) were extremely popular features on our physical photobooths. These options add more life and dimension to your photobooth experience. With our Virtual Booth, you can still utilize these features and the results are available immediately to post to social media. All photos, GIFs and Bursts can be sent to guest’s emails or texted to their phone.

Scratch & Win


scratch and win.gif


Scratch & Win is a unique feature of the Virtual Booth. This is a competition where guests can win a discount or a prize as part of the overall photobooth experience. This interactive game will draw in more guests to the booth to maximize its use. 

Additional Features

On the client side, the Virtual Booth has additional features that allows you to manage the photos effectively. Clients can require the photos to be manually approved before being posted to the site, the galleries can be password protected, emails/phone numbers are easily captured for further correspondence, and face match detects guest’s faces so they can find all of their photos more easily.

The Virtual Booth also provides analytical data that is gathered from the platform. Clients can see how many impressions were made and other helpful pieces of information to improve ROI on the photobooth experience.

Event Feature: Salesforce’s Virtual Booth




Salesforce reached out to Chroma Photobooth about hosting an event in December of 2020, and decided to move forward with the Virtual Booth. Many of the employees got creative with the backgrounds and added the custom Salesforce Trailhead mascots to their photos. 



Preserving your memories with the Virtual Booth in 2021

We are all dealing with these unprecedented times, but our company hopes to continue to provide a way to preserve your memories with loved ones. Our goal is to provide the best photobooth experience possible in digital form, while still keeping our customers safe. With virtual events becoming the new normal and live events being postponed, there are still ways to keep your family members, friends and coworkers connected during the pandemic. What are you waiting for? Bring life back into 2021 with our Virtual Booth and book today! 

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