July 3, 2018

Chroma Photobooth at San Francisco Pride Day

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Chroma Photobooth at San Francisco Pride Day

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On June 24th, Chroma Photobooth and Gilead Sciences kicked off a successful San Francisco Pride Day. The sun was shining on Hotel Vitale’s Cielo Terrace roof top overlooking the bay, and thousands of employees, friends, and family from Gilead Sciences came together to celebrate the event. We had our booth running throughout the day inside the Amalfi Coast Room, taking photos of everyone before and after the parade. Hotel Vitale is San Francisco’s only boutique, waterfront hotel and was a perfect choice for Gilead Sciences’ event. The open roof top was an airy atmosphere that allowed everyone to mingle with each other. The parade itself ran about two hours, but the party continued much later in the afternoon. After the parade, the energy was high and all of the guests were excited to take more photos.

Many Identities, One Community

Gilead Sciences’ 2018 Pride Theme was “Many Identities, One Community,” which was proudly printed on the red company t-shirts and worn by everyone who attended. The props provided by Gilead Sciences helped everyone add a unique piece of flair to their outfits and photos. Some of the props included pride flags, leis, sunglasses, and balloons (just to name a few!). The booth added a fun, memory-making element to the experience, and we were able to capture everyone’s unique style throughout the day. Chroma Photobooth strives to celebrate each of our client’s unique identities, while providing a reliable photobooth experience for any type of event you can dream of. We love Gilead Science’s idea of one community; the Chroma Photobooth employees are a tight-knight team, and we welcome each of our clients equally as part of the Bay Area community.







Preparing for a Large Scale Event

San Francisco Pride Day was a large-scale event, which can differ from smaller, more intimate settings. When it comes to large-scale, outdoor events like Pride Day, we’ve learned it is best to keep the booth indoors to keep our photos looking consistently exposed.  It is easier to control the lighting indoors and adjust if necessary. Keeping your photobooth indoors also can prevent the backdrop and props from flying away in the wind.

We always make sure to pay attention to details like the weather and venue to keep our guests focused on the photos. We will handle the logistics, while you can provide the guests and the fun! We also have over 30 backdrops in our collection at this point, which are interchangeable throughout your event. Multiple backdrops allow your guests to have different photo options at the end of the day. Large-scale events mean high energy, and our photobooths leave everyone feeing confident.

Chroma Photobooth is a proud supporter of Pride Day, and the groundbreaking, pharmaceutical research efforts of Gilead Sciences. Special thanks to Gilead Sciences and Hotel Vitale for hosting the event. We will most definitely be returning in 2019, celebrating our unique identities and providing San Francisco’s premiere photobooth service. We are proud to be a part of the inclusive San Francisco community. See you next year!


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