November 1, 2018

Introducing Digital Booth!

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Introducing Digital Booth!

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Chroma Photobooth Digital Booth

We are so excited to introduce the latest addition to the Chroma Photobooth family – the Digital Booth! This is truly one of the most exciting developments in the industry and provides specific solutions to issues that might arise with a full photobooth setup. The internet has drastically changed the speed in which we share photos and information, so our social sharing feature on the digital booth is very convenient. Read more about how to integrate the amazing digital booth into your event.

What Can I Do with the Digital Booth?

Our digital booth is a beautiful, all-in-one piece of equipment with a base that is sturdy enough for any location – including a sandy beach or a grassy outdoor area. It has an illuminating ring light surrounding the circular mirror to help you look your best in each photo. The center of the mirror has a touch screen that lets you preview your content in real time. Of course, the mirror also lets you check out your reflection to fix any flyaway hair or make sure you don’t have anything on your face!

The digital booth may be small in size, but it is loaded with features that are instantly available for sharing on social media. Let’s dive into the features, and how they are typically used:


Boomerang is a mobile app that is typically used in conjunction with Instagram. To create a boomerang, the user presses the button to record. The result is a short video that continually loops over and over, much like a boomerang that is thrown and immediately returns. Often users will record boomerangs of clinking beverages together, twirling their dresses, quick movements, or other moments that look great when played over and over. Our digital booth has this capability, and it creates a dynamic photo memory in comparison to a traditional, static photo. Some examples of Boomerangs from our digital photobooth are featured on our website under the “Digital Booth” link.

Chroma Photobooth Digital Booth 1

Digital Booth 2


GIFs are similar to boomerangs in that they are a short sequence of photos that loop, but the format that they are captured in is different. In other words, GIFS are not a video, but rather they are a sequence of photos stitched together. GIFS do have a more limited color palette to represent the image, and can look less detailed if translating a video from full quality to GIF format. However, GIFs are still extremely popular and culturally iconic despite those limitations. GIFs are typically used online to share funny moments or hilarious facial expressions from events or movies.

Chroma Photobooth GIF


Of course, stills are the classic, bread and butter format for every photobooth experience. Our digital booth gives you your stills that can be texted, emailed, or sent directly to your social media accounts. Although the compact digital booth cannot print your images immediately like the full photobooth setup, you can always email or text your images to be printed later on. Photo quality is not compromised on this smaller photobooth.

Chroma Photobooth Stills

Social Media Sharing

Boomerangs and GIFs are widely used on the internet today. They are a cultural phenomenon and have changed the way that images/videos are shared. Our digital booth helps you capture moments that can then be shared and reshared across friends, family, coworkers and the internet. Instant social media sharing allows you to post your Boomerangs, GIFs and stills to sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Boomerangs can be posted to all 3 sites, while GIFs are limited to Facebook and Twitter. If you need your photos for a different site, just send it to your email or phone and save to an album.

Prior to your event, you can also create a hashtag so your content can easily be found on those sites. Custom frames are available for the digital booth; you can put your desired hashtag onto the frame so guests know to tag photos with it. For weddings, clever hashtags with the couple’s last name are very popular – for example, #KeepingUpWiththeJones. For corporate events, adding hashtags to your posts will also let more people outside of your event see how you celebrated – i.e. #PrideDay, #SanFranciscoPride, #AutismAwareness. At large events, such as weddings, the bride and groom are typically so busy that they do not get to see every single moment of the celebration. Hashtags in general are a great way to categorize your own photos online and see what other people have created from the same event.

The Digital Booth comes with a custom website that uploads all of your photos, boomerangs and GIFs. You can see our sample link here:


We do offer branding on the digital booth like these custom wraps to create awareness of your brand! This is an incredible way of marketing your brand to potential prospects.


No Photobooth Attendant Needed!

A big advantage of the digital booth is that there is no photobooth technician needed like our full setup photobooths. If you are having a private event with limited guests allowed, this would be a great option. If you need multiple photobooths at your event, this is also a great complement to the full setup. Backdrops and props are still available even though there is no attendant – again, just because the booth is compact in size does not mean it skimps on features.

We love the digital booth because we believe that photos are meant to be shared, and this booth revolves around just that. Check out our own social media pages to see the Boomerangs, GIFs, and stills that people have created with the booth!

Chroma Photobooth is a San Francisco based company. Book your reservation on our website or by calling 415-570-8452.  

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