November 20, 2018

Mermaid Backdrops

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Mermaid Backdrops

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About Our Gorgeous Mermaid Backdrops

Chroma Photobooth Mermaids

Chroma Photobooth Vegas Mermaid

Mermaids, mermaid patterns, and mermaid themed everything is a timeless trend that we don’t foresee going away anytime soon. It’s almost impossible to go into a store without seeing an item with a mermaid on it. In order to accommodate this demand, we decided to adopt the trend and bring in some amazing mermaid backdrops into our lineup, so our clients could bring color to their events. Even though mermaid pattern is so popular, it is also important to note that these backdrops can be used at virtually any type of event – the material is a shimmery, ethereal bed of sequins that is dual toned. With a swipe of your hand, you can flip the sequins to show the opposite color. Read more for some ideas on how to incorporate mermaid backdrops into your next event.

Chroma Photobooth Vegas Template

Chroma Photobooth Vegas Template

Ideas for Mermaid Backdrops with a Photobooth

Baby Showers and Gender Reveals

Baby showers and gender reveals are perfect events to have a photobooth at. While a traditional photographer can capture some gorgeous photos, there is an element of interactivity and fun at these events that can only be achieved through a photobooth. Our full booths with an attendant always have a backdrop, while our portable digital booths can be used with or without one.

The advantage of a mermaid backdrop at a gender reveal is that guests can write messages into the sequins. This type of seamless stitching means that by flipping the sequins one way or another different colors are revealed. Each guest can write their own personalized message for the expecting parents to look back on after the event.

We have some other backdrop options for baby showers and gender reveals; our blue and pink pillow tension fabric can also be flipped as a 2-in-1 backdrop.

Chroma Photobooth Blue Breeze

Chroma Photobooth Pink Breeze

Formal Events

Photobooths have been used at formal events like weddings for a while now, but mermaid backdrops add a different dimension of fun mixed with elegance. Our 2 main mermaid sequin backdrops are the color combinations of black/gold (called “Vegas”) and white/gold (which goes by “Carat”). These color combinations give your photos different looks based on how they reflect the light in the room; the camera flash on the booth; or the digital booth’s ring light. These colors are meant to be more subdued and give a luxurious feel to your event. For a formal event, these colors flatter all guests and can look beautiful at black tie galas or weddings. Our Vegas backdrop sports darker gold sequins, while the Carat backdrop is a lighter gold. At a previous event with the Vegas backdrop, guests put half of the sequins to show the gold side and the bottom half to show the black side. The Carat backdrop looks great with long, diagonal streaks of white showing in the gold sequins.

Chroma Photobooth Carat 1

Chroma Photobooth Carat

Holiday Parties

Since holidays tend to have colors associated with them, these backdrops are perfect for holiday parties. Christmas time tends to have a lot of reflective items associated with it like tinsel and ornaments; so, a green and red sequin mermaid backdrop is the perfect complement. New Years Eve is typically associated with silver and gold while an Independence Day party would look great with any combination of red, white, and blue. Halloween colors present some interesting combinations of purple, green, orange and/or black – but a photobooth would be a very efficient way to capture everyone’s costumes!

Chroma Photobooth Blue Sequins

Chroma Photobooth Blue Sequins

Birthdays and Graduations  

Since these backdrops are interactive in themselves, teens will have a great time drawing designs into the sequins. Anything can be written into them such as “Happy Birthday,” “Happy Graduation” or “Congratulations.” We have also seen our guests draw shapes like stars and hearts into the sequins. A photobooth with customized props and a mermaid backdrop can create photos that will be viewed for years to come. The experience of a photobooth (not just the photos themselves) can make a milestone event like certain birthdays, graduations, and celebrations even more memorable. Teens will also love the easy social media sharing options that are built into the photobooth screens.

Endless Possibilities

Chroma Photobooth Mermaid Setup

What we love so much about the mermaid backdrops are the endless possibilities that they present. With a flick of your wrist, you can create an artististic pattern into the backdrop with minimal effort. It is also fun to create shapes, words, and the like. Throughout each event, guests can completely change up the photos and make them their own – while still looking like a cohesive set of photos with the same color scheme. Of course, you could always go full mermaid theme and use our blue/silver backdrop for your event! Pay attention to our social media and future blog posts for more ideas on how to use our mermaid backdrops. As always, we welcome any suggestions for custom orders that will make your event more personalized and special.  

Chroma Photobooth is a San Francisco based company. Book your reservation on our website or by calling 415-570-8452.  

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