November 11, 2018

Increasing Brand Awareness

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Increasing Brand Awareness

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Your company brand has distinctive qualities that you want everyone to recognize. When someone sees your logo and tagline, you will want them to instantly associate those elements with what your company does. At Chroma Photobooth, we have worked hard over the past 2 years to introduce our photobooth company in the San Francisco market and create a positive brand presence. We constantly share photos from our events on social media, encourage guests to share their photos, write blog posts on events and industry trends, and actively network in the community to spread the word about our company. When people see our colorful, geometric logo, we want them to recognize that it represents us, Chroma Photobooth – a colorful, energetic photobooth company that is based in the Bay area. Learn which elements of your brand you should focus on, and some best branding strategies to improve your industry presence.


Elements of Your Brand


There are several distinct elements that all brands should have: a logo, a slogan, and a color scheme.

Your Logo: A Visual Cue

Your logo is a visual cue for your customers. Some of the most widely recognized logos are simple – such as Nike’s swoosh, Apple’s apple icon, and the Twitter bird. Some logos are simply the company name in a specific recognizable font, such as Sony, Nintendo, Amazon, and eBay.

Logos are an easy way to customize your corporate event. Our newest booth, the Digital Booth, can be customized with a logo/decal on the back. Whenever you have a photobooth event, placing the logo on the booth and in the customizable photo frames silently creates awareness for your event guests.

Your Slogan: A Few Words Can Mean a Lot

Your slogan is another element that can be put into our customizable photo frames. Some of the most famous taglines we’ve seen in the U.S. are:

  • Got milk? (California Milk Processor Board)
  • Just do it (Nike)
  • What’s in your wallet? (Capital One)
  • I’m lovin’ it (McDonalds)

Your slogan can be represented in one or many of your customizable photo frames available for both the full booth setup and the digital booth.

Your Color Scheme: Subconsciously Influencing Your Customers 

Your color scheme is what ties everything together. Companies will choose a few colors that they believe represent them well and begin to create marketing material using those colors. There is psychological research on why companies choose specific colors and the message that each color subconsciously sends. This of course can be very subjective or based on someone’s culture, but there are some general assumptions about colors that transcend culture. The color yellow or orange says something completely different than dark blue. During your photo booth experience, we can help you decide which backdrop would work best to promote your brand and overall event’s color scheme. 

Brand Awareness Strategy

Companies can measure their brand awareness from the initial launch to the present time using a metric called AAU: Awareness, Attitudes, and Usage. The strength of your brand depends on how many people subconsciously associate your brand with a particular industry. Some slogans or brands can be specific to a certain part of the country. Since we are based in San Francisco, we will have stronger brand awareness in this area than in New York. Companies branch out and create different offices across the country as part of their brand awareness strategy as well. 


Increase Social Media Sharing

Whenever you share any marketing material online, you are creating an opportunity to spread your brand across all social media channels. Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are some of the most widely used social media sites, and they all have easy ways for people to interact with your photobooth photos. Social media algorithms value interactions such as likes, comments, shares, and retweets. By putting in a hashtag, people are also able to find your photos more easily, possibly catapulting you to the recommended images page. Our booths all have built-in options to immediately share images to social media, and we create a beautiful gallery for you to view all the photos after your event. The easier it is to share your images, the more awareness and interest you will generate in this age of social media.

Recently, brands have been leveraging the social media reach of online influencers to introduce their product or service into the marketplace. By reaching out to someone who is already active in the community that you are targeting, you can develop a positive relationship with that individual while reaching an existing, organic audience that would be interested in what your brand has to offer.

Offer Free Content or Run a Promotional Event

Without a doubt, anything “free” gets people’s attention. The intention is not to give your services or product away free, but to introduce it to a new audience that will in turn share it with friends and family. Promotional campaigns can easily be run and tracked on social media. In-person events pack the most punch because they are personal, and you can see your audience’s reactions to your brand. Whether your promotion is in person or online, it is important to track the metrics so you can improve and make changes over time.

Here are some examples to get you started:

    • Buy One Get One Offers – Your audience will receive something for free, while still generating business for your brand. Stores will often run Buy One Get One promotions when they introduce something new or are phasing something out of their lineup. 
  • Hosting a Charity Event – Chipotle runs a promotion that allows guests to host a party in their store, with 30% of the proceeds going to the event. In a similar vein, if you have a service-based brand (such as a photobooth), then you could split the proceeds between your brand and the charity.
  • Let People Try It Out (Or their Money Back) – This strategy works so well because once people hold your product in their hand or are emotionally invested in what you do, the harder it will be for them to give it back. By giving people the option to get their money back, they will assume less risk and will be more willing to try your promotion out in the first place.

Develop a PR Plan

Having a brand strategy is critical for your company’s success. There are two elements to a PR plan – the narrative in which you are telling other people about your brand, and how you will proactively deflect any negative attention. Your narrative is the company story, values, and personality that is proliferated by your team’s interaction with the public. Whenever you choose to speak at an event, advertise, or simply explain to someone what exactly you represent, it is important to tell people “why.” Why was your brand created? How does it serve people? Who is your audience? You want your brand to have its own voice and identity.

When something negative comes up associated with your brand, you also want to make sure you have a plan in place to counteract it. Public Relations (PR) is a field in which a company representative(s) manage the company’s image in relation to the public that is consuming their product or services. Public relations specialists also analyze customers’ opinions of the company by monitoring social media and review sites, giving leadership suggestions and advice, creating marketing budgets, and working overall on protecting the company’s reputation from anything negative. For larger companies, PR has its department, but smaller companies may give their marketing team additional PR responsibilities. It is inevitable in business that some things may go wrong. By anticipating any negative reactions or having a pre-planned response before any incidents, the more you will be proactive instead of reactive about brand awareness.

Photobooth Finish

Our photobooths are great ways to create content for your brand and generate the awareness that you need to be successful. We offer as many customization options as possible to assist you with your brand strategy, and also make sure to post pictures from your event on our social media sites. If you need help strategizing on how to best market your company and promote your brand, we will be happy to provide some advice that is specific to your event. 

Chroma Photobooth is a San Francisco-based company. Book your reservation on our website or by calling 415-570-8452

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