April 6, 2019

5 Tips for Photobooth Inspiration

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5 Tips for Photobooth Inspiration

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So you booked a photobooth for your next event… what next?

We believe photobooth planning should be exciting, and as stress-less as possible. We have seen our booths being used for everything ranging from corporate events all the way to smaller, private functions. Every event presents us with something new, and we have many ideas to share with everyone to make your event unique. Read our top 5 tips to find inspiration at your next event.

  1. Get the Lighting Just Right

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Lighting can be your best friend when it comes to photos. A full booth setup should have a technician who handles the lighting and placement of the photo umbrella(s) attached to the back of the booth itself. This umbrella is commonly used in all types of photography (not just for photobooths) due to the fact that it spreads the light across a certain space more evenly. This helps people’s complexions look more even, and there’s less of a chance of strange shadows showing up in your photos. In digital booths, the lighting is controlled with a ring light surrounding the mirror. This provides a similar effect as the umbrella, aiming to even out everyone’s complexions, with a much more portable and compact option. This type of lighting is something that you actually do NOT want to play with.

However, you can always dress up your setup with some lights to draw guests’ attention. Fairy lights are a trend that has been popping up in photography recently and would look great in the background of your photos. Christmas lights are also classic for Christmastime, but can be used throughout the year with different colored fabric additions. Lanterns can be hung or placed on stools as an additional accessory. The photobooth flash should blend these types of lights in the actual photos, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your setup look gorgeous with some lights surrounding the backdrop or hanging down in strands from the top.

  1. DIY Decorations Surrounding the Backdrop

Pinterest is a gold mine for creating DIY decorations to attach to your backdrop. However, we all have heard some Pinterest fails from people who bit off more than they could chew creatively. Our best advice is to stay simple with the designs and clean with any lettering. Some ideas that piqued our interest include:

Image Source: LeighKatDesigns

Image Source: LeighKatDesigns

What we loved about all of these creative ideas is that each could come out differently. If you see a decoration that you love and need to have, then imitation and proper credit to the artist is the best form of flattery! Your props and signs can be DIY style to match, or you can always rent props to help you save time.

  1. Set Up an Ikea Style Scene

If you want to go all out and wow your guests with your photobooth setup, we recommend going the extra mile and creating a decorated scene to go along with your backdrop. Think Ikea’s stylized rooms that put people in a more creative mindset. While you don’t have to go and buy any extra furniture, some photoboothers bring in their new baby crib or existing furniture to create a mini scene that makes everyone get into the creative spirit. Of course, this suggestion is a bit extravagant and not for everyone (unless you own a production studio). If you’re having your event at your home, this can be much easier.

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  1. Just Add Confetti & Balloons

Everyone loves confetti and balloons. This can be one of the simplest and least time-consuming ways to add flair to your photos. We have seen people bring confetti and throw it in the air for their photos or for their boomerangs from the digital booth. Balloons (especially ones that spell something out, like “Mr., Mrs., or Baby”) are popular for wedding and baby showers. The obvious downside of confetti is the post-event cleanup and balloons have a tendency to fly away if unattended. If your venue is a public place, you may want to double check with the manager before introducing confetti and balloons to your photos.

  1. Create a Hashtag

We have mentioned this before, but after your event, you’ll thank us for this tip! Creating a hashtag is partially to show off your clever pun-making skills, but more importantly for finding all of the photos posted to social media after the event. Some guests may not have access or be aware of the full gallery posted online. Communicating your hashtags to guests is also an opportunity to advertise the photobooth availability at the event so it is utilized to its full potential. Hand-painted signs (chalkboard is particularly popular) can be hung on the walls or placed throughout the room if they are an A-frame sign. Your hashtag can also be put on your customized photo template as an additional reminder.

Social media accounts and blogs highlight some events that you can draw inspiration from, but don’t forget to discuss your vision with family and friends to help take some of the stress off of your plate. Happy planning!

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