April 13, 2019

Customizing Your Photobooth Template

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Customizing Your Photobooth Template

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You have the option of customizing your photobooth template to fit your event’s theme, which is primarily for the print/digital aesthetic, but also to commemorate the specific event you are celebrating.  Over your lifetime, you will most likely be a guest at many weddings, attend many holiday parties, and overall spend many hours celebrating the successes of your loved ones. The graphics, hashtags, colors, and wording on your photo templates will help to bring back memories years later. If you’re able to pick the color scheme and provide the event details, the photobooth in-house graphic designer can create the custom templates for you off of just that information.

Breaking Down the Template Process

Chroma Photobooth - 4x6

Chroma Photobooth - Thrivecourses

Chroma Photobooth Yelp

Chroma Photobooth - Uber

Chroma Photobooth - Yelp

Chroma Photobooth Equinox

When asked about their specific process of working with clients on their photobooth template design, graphic designers believe that “creating templates in collaboration with clients is more of a defined kind of process that ensures we fulfill a specific set of requirements set out by the customer.” The photo booth client first starts off by filling out the template request form that details things like:

  • The backdrop that has been chosen

  • The colors of the event

  • The theme

  • The text to be featured on the template

  • Uploading any invitations or flyers that may aid in the template creation process

If the client is able to provide color palettes, fonts, and graphics, it makes creating templates a lot easier. Our designer further says that “in these instances, the client has complete creative control and our role is to join the given elements together such that they look aesthetically cohesive on the photo template.” In the event that they are only provided the featured text, colors, or adjectives that describe the theme (e.g., modern, classic, rustic, floral, vintage), they are the one who has more agency and creative control over the template look. This can be challenging because each client differs in their aesthetic preferences. They say:

“I have to create templates that not only fulfill my own decorative standards, but that also satisfy the client’s vision of what the template should look like in relation to their event. Overall, template designing is chiefly about turning the client’s vision into a tangible piece of memorabilia that they can share with their guests.”

Deciding on the Details

Chroma Photobooth - Succulents

Chroma Photobooth - cannabis

Chroma Photobooth - wedding

Chroma Photobooth - Wedding 2

There are also a ton of tools online to help you with your design. Here some examples of color scheme generators:

  • Coolors (a complementary color combination generator also available in iOS app form)

  • Paletton (allows you to see different shades of a single color)

  • Adobe Color CC (gives you the ability to upload photos as well, edit the RGB/Hex codes, and choose the different types of color harmonies

  • Canva’s Color Palette Generator (lets you upload a photo, which intuitively pulls the colors from the photo)

Your theme will be mainly dictated by the type of event you are holding and your personal aesthetic. When it comes to fonts, Google Fonts and Adobe Fonts allow you to visually test the fonts out, separated into font families.

The template design process should be taken very seriously, simply because it’s one piece of your event experience puzzle. We are happy to help if you need it with ideas or further details on software and where to buy things. It’s always a great plan to welcome as many personalized touches possible for your event. Happy designing!

Chroma Photobooth is a San Francisco based company. Book your reservation on our website or by calling 415-570-8452.  

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